Marigold Flower Extract 10% Lutein UV 20% Zeaxanthin HPLC

Marigold Flower Extract 10~20% Lutein UV  520% Zeaxanthin HPLC

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Marigold Extract 

1.Basic Information

Marigolds are an easy to grow annual with gold-orange and yellow flowers that will bloom all summer long, making them a popular garden plant.

In Midieval folklore this plant was used as a potion and given to maidens so they could discover who they were destined to marry.

The name marigold was later associated to the Virgin Mary, and the flower is often used in Catholic events that honor her.

The marigold is common to North America and Europe.

The flowers of the marigold plant contain medicinal ingredients such as calendulin, carotenoids (as well as beta-carotene), rutin, isoquercitrin, lupeol, narcissin, sterols, amyrin and volatile oils.

2. Specification

Marigold Extract  

10~20% Lutein UV  5~20% Zeaxanthin HPLC

3. Marigold Extract benefits

 Prevent blindness resulted from AMD. In 1996, USA suggested that aged people of 60-65 should reinforce    Lutein 6 mg per day.
 Protect cells against the damaging effects of free radicals and/or as a filter in light sensitive tissues such as the eye macula, lens and retina that protect eyes against UV radiation from light and computer.
 Alleviate Age Pigment Degeneration in human body and anti-lipid peroxidation by antioxidation.

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